“I LOVED this journey. I recommend this so highly. You come out of it feeling so powerful and full of possibility. So much more than just clothes.”

- Ali, Brighton, UK

I have 20 years continuous experience working internationally as an image consultant and stylist. Featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The Times and BBC as a highly regarded expert in image and identity. I have a solid reputation & loyal client base.

I work on a deep intuitive level. As an empath I access potential my clients may not yet be conscious of, using personal style to embody and manifest desired change.

I’m a passionate advocate for women and girls and believer in sisterhood circles. In 2019 I founded a free inclusive monthly women’s circle for my local community, which continues to grow and support women of all ages and nationalities thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers. I am also a trained facilitator with the Rites For Girls organisation which supports pre-teen girls on their journey to womanhood.

"I have learned so much about what works best for me in terms of colours, styles and fabrics. I now spend a third of the time I used to spend shopping. I go for the items which I know are right for me, instead of wasting hours on looking at every single item which grabs my attention."

- Nata, Zurich, Switzerland