True Style Journey with Leesa Whisker

Calling all creatives and change-makers on a mission to step up & shine your light brighter.

 I help heart-centred change-makers, creatives and light workers to unleash their authentic true style so that they can become truly magnetic. Together, we create a style revolution to embody your true potential and be recognised in your full power. 

Your unique "True Style" is a gateway to deeper connection to your true self & to others. Style IS embodiment!

It's time for your True Style Journey

Embodying the Woman You Are Inside

The clothes we wear are a powerful, creative expression of who we are. But so many of us become stuck in a style that doesn’t fully express our inner self or our true potential.

Does any of this feel like you?

▶︎ You’re ready to embody your true potential. You've already achieved so much, but the changes you've experienced are calling you to do, see and live life very, very differently. You want to step into this new chapter empowered, but you dont know where to start. It feels exciting, but also overwhelming at times. You want to express this new you in the way you dress and show up in life. You’d love support and guidance to help you get there. You have a feeling this would impact more than just your wardrobe.

▶︎ You want more confidence in your appearance. You want to look in the mirror and feel ignited! You want to feel an alignment between what you see and who you know you have the potential to be. But your current style misrepresents you, holding you back from being more visible and realising your full potential. 

▶︎ You're not certain what suits you anymore. You know that you and your body are changing, but your style hasn't quite caught up. What used to work, just doesn't anymore and you're not sure how to put that right. In this process of becoming, the new you isn't clear yet. You want that clarity. You want to upgrade and fast track this process of positive transformation.

▶︎ You're excited about self-expression. You’re ready to be the kind of woman who is free to genuinely express herself with the way she dresses – but you’re worried you might get it wrong. You're done with expensive mistakes. You want to do this properly.

▶︎ Your wardrobe anchors you in a past version of yourself. You want to start afresh – but it feels hard to let go, even of clothes you're no longer wearing. You'd love to break free and really move forwards. Something about your style and identity is holding you back.

▶︎ You’ve had it with unethical buying. You’d love a more minimal, sustainable wardrobe, but you dont want to sacrifice style for ethics. You want sound guidance on how to achieve that.

Embracing Change

True transformation means evolving and moving forwards.

Here’s where you get to embrace the style that truly expresses the woman you are becoming. This is a journey of transformation, it's where personal and professional development meets style.

Here’s where you choose to connect with your deeper sense of self, to embody your own sense of wholeness and dress as the powerful creative change-maker you truly are.


This unique one-to-one journey is offered wherever you are in the world either remotely or in-person. Leesa's expert analysis, insights, mentoring, sourcing and styling will help you:

✓ Embody your true impact through your style. Know EXACTLY what to wear, and feel alignment in whatever you put on. 

✓ Know your true worth and effortlessly communicate that without saying a word.

✓ Reintroduce yourself to the world. Be seen and recognised in your magnetic True Style.

✓ Amplify what you
really want out of your life. Embodying this, not just in your style, but in every other aspect of how you live. 

✓ Transform your confidence and sense of self. Feel really good about how the way you dress truly represents who you are.

✓ Feel more beautiful. Learn to connect to your deeper beauty and feel amazing in your style.

✓ Catalyse positive change in other areas of life & work. Experience potential that may otherwise have taken years or never manifested at all, suddenly come to life.

✓ Let go of the clothes (and other baggage) that no longer suit or fit who you are today. 

✓ Be more considered and conscious about what you bring into your wardrobe and your life.

✓ Bridge the gap between who you've been, who you are and who you are becoming.

✓ Rediscover the pleasure, creativity and fun in dressing and styling yourself.

What True Style Journey women are saying

When it comes to true style, there are 3 things I'd love you to know...

1 - Embodying your true style goes way deeper than just looking good

When we feel aligned with how we look, the impact flows into all the other areas of our lives. In how we show up, speak, have our photograph taken or in interviews. This isn’t about looking good for appearance’s sake (although there’s nothing wrong with that). It’s also about feeling good in your skin, feeling expressed and being recognised as the amazing woman you really are. 

2 - Transforming your style will transform other areas of your life.

Once you define your true style, you’ll find a natural intuitive clarity that will support the transformation and changes you are making in your personal or professional life. It's a skill that you are developing which goes way beyond fashion. True Style is being yourself on purpose. Its flowing with your nature rather than striving against it.

3 - Now is exactly the right time for your transformation.

This is a journey to be taken while you are IN the process of change, while things are still up in the air, before dust settles and solidifies again. True Style catalyses and equips you to navigate change empowered. If this journey speaks to you, you can take it as a sign that you are not alone, that the process of change you're in IS purposeful and that with this guidance, you are closer than you think. Take this opportunity for deep transformation to vision into how you want to feel and who you want to BE for this next chapter in your life. There is not a single other person in this world that can do what you came here to do. Your time is now.

Hi, I'm Leesa Whisker
Leesa Whisker's True Style Journey

I've been helping women navigate change and redefine themselves through their style for over 20 years. Since I founded my creative practise in 2002 I’ve consulted, shopped and styled internationally including in New York, London, Paris and Bali, been interviewed by the BBC and featured in international press including The Times and Harpers Bazaar.

I’ve prepared women stepping into the public eye to do so deeply embodied in their True Style. I've presented large corporate seminars and intimate group workshops, trained experienced image consultants how to ‘style’ like a pro and consulted in all kinds of places, from the offices of Vogue to the homes of change-making women brave enough to let me into their wardrobes and their lives.

Throughout my career, I've received, trained in and practised personal & spiritual development, healing modalities and rites of passage facilitation. The inner journey always informs the outer one.

I am deeply intuitive and never happier than skipping the small talk and getting straight to the nub of the transition you're experiencing and the opportunity therein.

This is my favourite part of this work - holding the vision of your true self so that you can embody that potential through your own unique True Style.

Your True Style Journey

What you receive

✓ 3 month one-to-one True Style Journey transformation online

✓ A further 3 months of mentoring via Zoom as you embody this upgrade

✓ Colour Analysis and Digital colour palette for ongoing reference when shopping.

✓ Detailed recommendations for hair, make-up and accessorising.

Want to talk it through?

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